My interest in nature started at early age. I grew up at the countryside of Austria, and I remember that I played in the woods almost every day. I searched for wild edibles like blueberries or chanterelle mushrooms and I built shelters to play hide and seek with other kids from my school.

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When I grew up I attended a highschool with special subjects in forestry. There I learned how to identify trees by their bark, wood, buds, seeds and leaves. I was always eager to learn about how to survive in the wilderness. Nature was fascinating to me because it seemed like a big living circle where every part had its place and would fit in.

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After achieving my master degree in the arts of business I worked for various tax consultants but then decided to start a youtube channel to follow my true passion. I am a fulltime youtuber now where I provide free knowledge for those who are interested in survival related topics. If you want to support my channel don’t hesitate to become my patron. It will help me investing in better camera equipment so that I am able to provide high quality videos on my channel. Also direct donations on my paypal account will finance my travels to foreign countries which are usually quite expensive.
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