Gear Recommendations

After a few years of wasting a lot of money on trashy gear I finally found a few items which are of high quality and which I can recommend for camping, survival, bushcraft and prepping.


I can highly recommend this bow:


For lightweight hiking:

For permanent shelters:

Axes and hatchets: I recommend Granfors Bruk and Wetterlings


Bahco saw is leightweight, small, very stable and good for small sawing tasks if you do not have a lot of wood to cut. Because of the thicker blade it does not possess the highest efficiency tough.

Boreal 21 is a very efficient, small and packable folding saw.


Urban Folder: Easy to open with one hand.

One Item Survival Knife: I have beaten this knife to death. Could not break it

I recommend the AUS8 A flat saber grind version.

Multi-Tool: Leatherman Wave. Make sure you buy the stainless steel version. The „cool“ black version is not rust proof. I learned it the hard way when I used the tool at the seaside.

Mushroom Hunting Knife: Opinel is able to lock the blade. After cutting myself with a small red swiss army knife pretty badly, I highly recommend locking blades.

Sharpening Stones:

Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone:

Ceramic/Ceramic Whetstone:




Water filter for the outdoors: Saywer Mini. The small bag that comes with it is almost impossible to fill with water quickly. I like to take an ordinary PET bottle instead.

Sleeping Bags: Do not buy if you live in a region where it rains a lot. This is made from real down and is better suited for dry weather. If you live in a rainy area I recommend synthetic fiber.

Insulation Mats:

For Summer: I can highly recommend this air mat by Exped. Especially if you have back problems, on this mat you feel like sleeping on air. Once I burned a small hole into it. It was no problem to fix the hole with the repair kit that comes with it.

For winter:


Small Daypack: After a couple of years this is still one of my favorite bags. The material is very thick and will hold forever.

EDC, Get Home Bag, Daypack: Quick access to a lot of pouches when the pack is still on the back. My favorite EDC so far.


I recommend headlamps for wilderness camping, because you will need both of your hands free.



Extension Tubes For This Shovel:

Kamik Boots: Buy a one size larger so you can fit in one more inlay and warm socks.

Gas Mask Dräger X-Plore 6300:

Geiger Counter Gammascout

My latest camera:

My latest microphones

Walkie-Talkies, HAM:

Good Survival Books:

Survival book for Hashimoto patients: