Survival Lilly wins Austrian Video Award 2017:


Press Information:

After a journalist named Matthias Bernold revealed my true name in an article of an Austrian newspaper without my consent (, now partly revised), I decide not to give interviews to any newspaper anymore.

Details: He revealed my real name despite the fact that I told him about several stalker and threat incidents I received from some fans. I told him that some of the threats where so severe that I had to report them to the police. Also I insisted on reading the article first before publishing, but he did not show me the part of the article where my real name was shown. And so my name got published without my consent. Because of this sloppy handling regarding my personal safety and because of the numerous mistakes of other journalists regarding content I decide not to give any interviews anymore.

Survival Lilly in Krone (2017)

Survival Lilly In Box (2016)


Survival Lilly In Kleine Zeitung (2016)


Survival Training With Silvia Schneider Reloaded (2016)


Survival Training With Silvia Schneider (2016)