APO-1 Fire Kit


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APO-1 Fire Kit


The APO-1 Fire Kit comes with a fire steel with a paracord handle, a striker and a magnesium bar with an integrated fire steel. With this kit the customer can choose between lighting a fire with a plain fire steel, or using a magnesium bar instead, which increases the chance of successfully lighting a fire in wet conditions. While a simple fire steel only creates sparks the magnesium of the bar can be processed into fine magnesium shavings which are highly flammable and will burn so hot that even wet tinder can be ignited. If everything else fails magnesium bars are truly the last resort of fire making and should not be missing in any survival kit.



1x Firesteel (8 cm x 8 mm / 3.14 in x  0.314 in)

1x Magnesium Bar (7,6 cm x 2,8 cm / 3 in x 1.1 in)

1x Black metal striker

1x Orange storage box (13 cm x 7,5 cm x 4 cm / 5.11 in x 2,75 in x 1,57 in)

Weight: 134 grams / 4,7 oz

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Weight 0.134 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7.5 × 4 cm