Ultimate Prepper Quiz

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1. Let’s assume a volcano has erupted in your area, you need to go outside to get to your family, what do you take with you?


2. What is a survival cache?


3. Do you have a bug out bag ready and packed?


4. Which kind of plastic is NOT food grade?


5. Let’s assume your area is experiencing extreme draught. You are out of water and as last resort you decide to drink the water in your pool, do you…


6. What is the difference between solar EMP and nuclear EMP?


7. You get caught in a thunderstorm while driving, do you…


8. Are you trained in martial arts or any other empty-handed combat technique?


9. Do you have food and water at home for more than 3 weeks?


10. Which type of ionizing radiation can turn other objects radioactive?


11. Do you have alternative heating sources available at home?


12. You are at home, and you wake up in the morning to find a massive flooding due to a broken dam. Your house is surrounded by water. What do you do?


13. Shortly before the apocalypse you want to buy some seeds. What seeds would you get for your sustainable preppers garden?


14. Do you know what the purpose of crop rotation is?


15. Have you ever successfully picked a lock using a lockpick set?


16. How can you turn alternating current into direct current?


17. You decide to buy some food as a long-term supply, which storing method will preserve food the longest?


18. Have you ever zeroed in a scope on a rifle with only 2 rounds?


19. Are you practicing with weapons like bow, crossbow, slingshot or other more primitive weapon on a regular basis?


20. Which of the following foods has the longest shelf life?


21. Let’s assume you live in Alaska and winter is coming. You want to build the best green house to protect your crops from freezing, do you …


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The Ultimate Prepper Quiz © written by Surival Lilly and published 22th Oct. 2019