Ultimate Survivor Quiz

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1. Have you ever caught fish for food?


2. What would you collect to make a fire in wet conditions?


3. Have you ever hunted or trapped an animal for food?


4. Let us assume you have shot a big deer, it is summer time and you cannot eat all of it. You want to make it last longer, do you…?


5. You are in a desperate survival situation, luckily you found a dead deer which has ceased away not too long ago. After you roasted some of its meat you want to utilize the hide of the animal too. How do you remove the hair from the hide?


6. You are stuck in the wilderness and you do not have lighter or matches on you. How would you make a friction fire?


7. What tinder works best for igniting a fire with a fire-steel?


8. Which tree species would you use for a friction fire?


9. You injured yourself in the wilderness und your wound is bleeding a lot. Which herb do you use to stop the bleeding?


10. You are stuck in the wilderness and you had bad luck with hunting and fishing so far. You decide to eat some plants instead, which one has the highest starch content?


11. You want to find your bearings by using the stars. How do you find North at the northern hemisphere?


12. The red needle of a compass points…


13. Can you swim?


14. Which knot would you use for tying a fishing hook to a line?


15. How fit are you in terms of body strength and stamina?


16. You want to make a loop from a piece of line that you have. Which knot do you use to make this loop adjustable?


17. You are stuck in the wilderness and you want to build yourself a bow, which of the following woods would you choose to carve an effective survival bow?


18. You are searching for resinous woods because they are really flammable, which of the following trees has resin in it?


19. You want to tap a birch tree because the syrup is high in manganese. Which time of the year do you tap the tree?


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The Ultimate Survivor Quiz © written by Surival Lilly and published 18th Nov. 2019