APO-1 Survival Knife AUS8 Satin Finish

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This is the APO-1 Survival Knife designed by Survival Lilly.

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APO-1 Survival Knife AUS8 Satin Finish:

Survival Lilly has designed her first knife, namely the APO-1 Survival Knife, which is produced in Taiwan. APO-1 stands for “Apocalypse 1” or the one knife that Lilly would choose for the Apocalypse if there is only one cutting tool available.

Survival Lilly has designed her knife by the following “all-rounder” criteria:

  1. Full tang knife construction which is stable and made from a stainless steel which is durable and does not break or chip easily and has medium hardness.
  2. Strong tip design which does not break easily.
  3. Comfortable tapered handle scales which are made from durable G10, a material which can be sanded down to enable a custom fit to the user.
  4. An emergency hammer at the end of the handle.
  5. A tapered design at the end of the handle to enable “extended” grip for better chopping efficiency by using more leverage.
  6. Lanyard hole for closed lanyards, to aid the “extended” grip.
  7. A thumb rail which provides more grip to the user when completing carving tasks.
  8. A sharp 90° spine which strikes firesteels very well.
  9. A robust sheath with double snap buttons which holds the knife tightly, so that the user does not lose the knife by accident.

Specs of the APO-1 Survival Knife Satin Finish:

Steel: AUS 8 (AUS 8  is a tough steel that bends rather than breaking)

Finish: Classic Satin Finish

Blade Length: 14 cm / 5.51 inches

Blade Thickness: 4,7 mm

Handle Length: 12,5 cm / 4.72 inches

Weight (including sheath): 416 gramms / 14.67 ounces

Rockwell Hardness: 57 Rc +/-1

Handle Material: Black G10

Description of Product

The APO-1 Survival Knife comes with a saber grind and AUS8 steel which is very tough and robust. The steel has been hardened with a Rockwell hardness of 57 RC +/-1.  A thumb rail was installed just above the handle to aid the user by giving him/her more grip when carving. The tip was designed without a false wedge, this way the tip is stronger and has less risk of breaking. However, if extremely destructive tip tests are conducted the tip may still bend or break depending on the steel. Extreme destructive tip tests were tips are bend or broken off are not covered by warranty.

The handle is made from G10, a material which is robust and tough. It has been shaped into a very comfortable handle, to ensure the user can work for hours and hours without getting blisters. In a survival situation blisters can get infected without proper medical treatment, therefore it is wise to avoid them by an intelligent handle scales design. Furthermore G10 is a good material to work with, when it comes to sanding down the handle scales to a custom fit of the users hand. This can be easily done by a fine grid sandpaper. The screws used in this handle are stainless steel screws. They should always kept lubricated in case the knife gets wet.

At the end of the knife there is a small emergency hammer which can be used to crush nuts and seeds or to smash off limpets off a rock. The flat hammer that can also aid the so called “reverse” grip by putting one’s thumb onto it, to enable better stabbing capabilities.

The sheath has been made from black Nylon (Polyamide) which is robust and holds the knife tightly. It comes with molly compatible belt loops and a double secured retention strap. At the very tip of the sheath there is a drainage hole which allows water to drain out of the sheath. The various holes in the sheath allow a good mount for cordage or for custom made fire steel loops. You can customize the sheath to your liking.


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