Steel Guide

All knives must be taken care of and be lubricated at all times to prevent rust. Warranty does not cover rust!

Caring for your knife!

If your APO-1 knife gets wet with fresh water, remove it from the sheath and dry it off with any kind of cloth, whether it may be a tissue or any other piece of fabric. Never let your knife dry inside of the sheath.

If your APO-1 knife comes into contact with salt water, immediately remove it from the sheath, rinse the knife in fresh water and dry it off before inserting into the sheath again. The sheath itself has to be rinsed out as well if it comes into contact with salt water!

Keep the screws in the handle lubricated to help protect them from corrosion in the event the knife gets wet. Remove the screws and lubricate the screw threads with a drop of machine oil or vaseline. To prevent any rusty spots the entire knife blade should be covered in vaseline, ballistol or WD40 oil while it is not in use. The user must ensure that the screws are tightened while using the knife. We do not account for lost bolts or screws.